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Don't lose your right to vote

Polling stationVoter registration across Medway is taking place earlier this year and residents are being reminded to take part and make sure they don’t lose their right to vote.

The revised electoral register for 2013 will be published on 16, October instead of the usual date of 1, December so that the voting list is as accurate as possible for the Police and Crime Commissioner elections taking place on 15 November.

Envelopes with household registration forms will be landing on doormats during the first week of July so that residents have a chance to update or confirm their details ahead of the November elections.

Every household is required by law to respond to the annual canvass even if there are no changes to be made to the form.

Names of those no longer resident at an address should be crossed out and the details of new residents of voting age added in their place. The names of those who will reach the age of 18 in the coming year can also be added, so some 16 and all 17 year olds should be added to the form. It should then be returned as soon as possible in the freepost envelope provided.

People with no fixed address can register using a “declaration of local connection”. A student can also register to vote at their term-time address as well as their home address, but can only vote once in any election.

Whenever you change any of your personal details, such as moving house, you need to re-register, even if you are still within the same local authority area.

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